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filetype|KUMAC KUMAC|11600|Physics Analysis Workstation Macro File

filetype|CLS CLS|11600|ArcView Geocoding Classification File (ESRI) or C++ Class Definition or JavaScript Class or MS VB-4 Class Module Add-In or MS VisC++/Visual Basic Class Definition or Visual Basic Class Module

filetype|WRI WRI|11500|Write Document (Microsoft)

filetype|CA CA|11400|DATAIR FlexPlus Data File or Telnet Server Initial Cache Data File

filetype|VM VM|11200|Geoworks Virtual Memory File or Virtual Memory Swap File

filetype|ADD ADD|11200|Advantage Database Server Data Dictionary or LICOM AlphaCAM Diecut Drawing or OS/2 Adapter Device Driver or PageMaker (Adobe)

filetype|CL CL|11100|Common LISP Programming Language Source Code or Generic LISP Source Code  

filetype|PFM PFM|11000|Printer Font Metrics (Adobe)

filetype|OPL OPL|11000|Psion Organiser Programming Language Source File

filetype|MAKEFILE MAKEFILE|10900|Makefile

filetype|CH CH|10700|Clipper Header or OS/2 Configuration File

filetype|DESC DESC|10600|Description

filetype|002 002|10600|Driveimage5 Setup File

filetype|WWS WWS|10500|AutoRoute User Information (Microsoft) or Works Wizard File (Microsoft)

filetype|DML DML|10500|Darn! Shopping! Mall File or Medical Manager DML System Script

filetype|QUB QUB|10300|Qubus (KPMG)

filetype|NEO NEO|10300|Atari NeoChrome Bitmap Image or NeoPhoto NeoPhoto Album (Archive) (DTLink)

filetype|MP3 MP3|10300|mp3PRO Audio File or MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III or SHARP MZ-series Emulator File or Wrapster Wrapped File

filetype|MOL MOL|10300|Easy Palette Object Library or MDL Molfile

filetype|B B|10300|Applause Batch List or BASIC Language Source or Befunge Program or Brainf*ck Program or Grand Theft Auto 3 Save File or Limbo Implementation File or Modula-3 Base Program

filetype|ANS ANS|10300|ANSI Graphic/Text or Word Text and Layout (Microsoft)

filetype|ALN ALN|10300|Grlib Saoimage File

filetype|XS XS|10200|Hummingbird Exceed File

filetype|WKS WKS|10200|Lotus Spreadsheet File (Lotus) or Works for Windows Spreadsheet (Microsoft) or XLISP Workspace

filetype|L L|10200|Cliq Accessories Datebook Lock File or Game of Life Pattern File or LEX Program File or Link Instructions or LISP Program File or WATCOM Wlink Directive

filetype|HTI HTI|10200|WebBase File or Win Help Related File

filetype|OBS OBS|10100|ObjectScript Script or OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Saved Outbox File

filetype|INT INT|10000|Delphi Interface Unit (Borland) or Foxpro Code Page (Microsoft) or Intermediate Code Used for Syntax Checking or Signature Semi-compiled Program or Unreal Tournament Mutator

filetype|21 21|10000|Salt Lake City Game Music File

filetype|LINUX LINUX|9930|File for Linux

filetype|USAGE USAGE|9920|Snort File

filetype|DK DK|9860|Danemark

filetype|FD FD|9840|Dataflex Field Compiler Offsets or FORTRAN Declarations or Front Door Resource File

filetype|PHT PHT|9830|Partial Hypertext File

filetype|FIG FIG|9810|Lahey FORTRAN Linker Options or REND386/AVRIL Graphic or Super Nintendo Game-console ROM Image or TransFIG Image Format or XFIG Graphic File

filetype|DWP DWP|9800|DeScribe Document File or Dweep Game Levels or SharePoint Portal Server Dashboard Web Part File (Microsoft)

filetype|34 34|9730|Salt Lake City Game Music File

filetype|TIF TIF|9650|Digital Raster Graphic Image or Tagged Image Format File

filetype|DIF DIF|9640|Data Interchange Format or DVCPRO or DV Video File or Excel Data Interchange Format (Microsoft) or OS/2 Display Information File or Output from diff Command script for Patch command. or ProWORX Nxt Data Interchange File (Schneider Electric) or Raytheon Raster Bitmap or Spreadsheet or Wright Design's Design Image Format

filetype|IML IML|9630|ACT! Internet Mail Message File (Best Software CRM Division)

filetype|ASX ASX|9630|Advanced Stream Redirector File (Microsoft) or Cheyenne Backup Script or Video File

filetype|DSW DSW|9530|C++ Desktop Settings (Borland) or Visual Studio Workspace (Microsoft)

filetype|DYN DYN|9470|Dyno2000 Engine Simulation (Motion Software) or Lotus 1-2-3 File

filetype|COL COL|9470|Autodesk Color Palette (Autodesk) or Grand Theft Auto 3 Collision Data or Internet Color Wizard Color Scheme or Lotus Notes Import Column Description File or Movie Maker Collection File (Microsoft) or Multiplan Spreadsheet (Microsoft)

filetype|MC MC|9420|MetaCard Script or Modula-3 M3CG intermediate Language File or NRC Inspection Manual Chapter or PlaySaver and PSEmuPro Memory Card Save and Single Game Save or Windows Localized Message Table Resource

filetype|SC SC|9400|Framework Screen Driver or Ingres Embedded SQL/C Source File or Paradox Source Code or Skills Connection Test Set Document (Scantron Corporation)

filetype|XUL XUL|9380|XML User Interface Language

filetype|NEW NEW|9370|New Information

filetype|SSP SSP|9340|Axialis Screensaver or SAS Transport Data or SmartSync Pro (SmartSync Software) or Ultra Screen Saver Maker Project File ( Finalhit Ltd.)

filetype|INS INS|9330|1st Reader Install Script or AdLib Instrument Music File or Ensoniq EPS Family Instrument or IIS Internet Communications Settings (Microsoft) or Inspiration Mind Mapping Software File or InstallShield Script (InstallShield Software Corporation) or Sample Cell / II Instrument or WordPerfect (Corel)

filetype|MODEL MODEL|9250|CATIA File or Ribbons Molecular Model

filetype|ICO ICO|9250|GIMP Icon or OS/2 Icon or Sun Icon/Cursor or Windows Icon (Microsoft)

filetype|DTL DTL|9210|Hal/Supernova/Lunar/LunarPlus Screen Readers/Magnifiers or Pro/ENGINEER (PTC) or Windows Applog File

filetype|ABC ABC|9160|ABC Flowcharter Data File (Corel) or ABC Programming Language or ACT! E-mail Address Book File (Best Software CRM Division) or Athena 16 Address Book or Musical Notation Language File or Pro-Act

filetype|NAV NAV|9130|Application Extension (Microsoft) or Microsoft Network Component (Microsoft) or MSN Application Extension

filetype|CWF CWF|9120|CodeWatch for Windows Workspace File (Liant)

filetype|AWK AWK|9090|AWK Script

filetype|FHTML FHTML|9060|HTML File (Macromedia)

filetype|OUT OUT|8990|Outlines or Output File or OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access Outbound Messages or Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC)

filetype|36 36|8990|Salt Lake City Game Music File

filetype|CO CO|8960|Cult3D ActiveX Player Application

filetype|PD PD|8880|Male MRI or Paradox Table

filetype|NIT NIT|8780|ArcView INFO Table Definitions File (ESRI)

filetype|XBM XBM|8750|X Bitmap Graphic

filetype|NVM NVM|8690|AOLpress Help

filetype|EML EML|8660|Outlook Express Electronic Mail (Microsoft) or QuickMail Pro

filetype|NOTE NOTE|8610|WordPerfect for Macintosh Help Document (Corel)

filetype|DWS DWS|8600|AutoCAD Standartization (Autodesk) or Creator Simulator Waveform (Tufts University) or Dyadic Workspace File or NetOp Script File

filetype|PA PA|8590|Print Artist Project

filetype|INP INP|8570|CHARMM Input File or FRANC2D Mesh File or GIS Software Text Input File or InPage or Oracle Source Code or Self-Extracting Archive Utility Project or Tramo-Seats Input Specification File (Bank of Spain)

filetype|FXP FXP|8530|FoxPro Compiled Source (Microsoft) or Steinberg Plug-in Format (Steinberg)

filetype|WK3 WK3|8460|Lotus Spreadsheet File

filetype|SCRIPT SCRIPT|8450|Desktop DNA Application Script or VBScript File (Microsoft) or Win Help Related File

filetype|VHD VHD|8360|VHDL Design File or Virtual PC File

filetype|FRM FRM|8360|DataCAD Symbol Report File or dBASE IV Report File or Form File or Fractint Formula or FrameBuilder Document or FrameMaker Document (Adobe) or Frame Stacks or Insight II Free-Format Files or Megalux Frame or MYOB Form File or MySQL Ver. 3.23.52 Dictionary File or Oracle Executable Form or Pro/ENGINEER (PTC) or Visual Basic Form or WordPerfect Merge Form (Corel)

filetype|PSM PSM|8340|Epic Games Sound Data or PrintShop Mail Data File (Atlas Software BV) or Protracker Studio Module Format or SolidEdge CAD File or Turbo Pascal Symbol Table (Borland)

filetype|20 20|8220|Salt Lake City Game Music File

filetype|SP SP|8200|Micrografx ABC Snap Graphic or Spice Data or Splint Compressed Archive File or VgaSpec/Spectrum Snapshot or ZX Spectrum-Emulator Source Profile

filetype|WM WM|8170|Windows Media A/V File (Microsoft)

filetype|SE SE|8160|DLL Directx Migrate File or Mega Man X3 Sound Effect (Capcom U.S.A., Inc.) or ScopeEdit Project File

filetype|CSH CSH|8120|CARA-Script-Interpreter-Engine Script or csh Script or Hamilton Labs C Shell Script File or Photoshop Custom Shape (Adobe) or UNIX csh Shell Script

filetype|TMP TMP|8030|Norton AntiVirus Backed Up File or Temporary File/Folder

filetype|SRV SRV|8010|BNBSURVEY Configuration File or FBB Initialization File or Help Maker File or NewsPro for Servers Info or North American Locomotive Works

filetype|HDML HDML|7780|Handheld Markup Language File

filetype|CNC CNC|7750|Click 'n Create File or CNC General Program Data

filetype|CAJ CAJ|7730|CAJViewer

filetype|INV INV|7720|dnaLIMS Invoice File (dnaTools) or Lineage Inventory File (NCsoft Corporation) or Rogue Spear Inventory File or Windows Update file

filetype|ANT ANT|7720|SimAnt for Windows Saved Game File

filetype|SS SS|7690|dnaLIMS 377 Sample Sheet (dnaTools) or DrScheme Programming Environment File or Oberlin DRAGN Graph Algorithm or Ribbons Protein File or Screen Saver or Snappy Configuration File or Splash Bitmap Graphic or XShipWars Sound Scheme File

filetype|EMAIL EMAIL|7690|Outlook Express Mail Message (Microsoft)

filetype|ISTR ISTR|7680|IsoStar Library of Intermolecular Interactions

filetype|AP AP|7670|Applix Presents or Datalex EntryPoint 90 Data File or WHAP-Compressed Amiga Archive

filetype|CBS CBS|7630|Borland Computer Based Training (Borland) or Cardbox Macro Script or MasterWord Button Bar Configuration or MS Computer Based Training

filetype|2D 2D|7610|Amapi or VersaCAD 2D Drawing File

filetype|RPL RPL|7520|Crystal Reports for Visual dBASE Label File or Escape Replay (Compressed Video) File (Eidos) or Replica Text File or Reply Message

filetype|MG MG|7430|Modula-3 Generic Module Source

filetype|LNG LNG|7410|Acrobat Language Plug-in (Adobe) or Diablo II (Blizzard Entertainment) or Jasmine Language File or Lahey FORTRAN Language Extension or Language File or Lingo Script File or NRG SDR Language File or SourceEdit Language Definition

filetype|201 201|7410|Starmoney Agent Rollback File

filetype|PKG PKG|7230|AppleLink Package Compression Format or Developer Studio Application Extension (Microsoft) or MicroSim PCBoard External ASCII Package Definition File or Newton File/Application (Apple Computer, Inc.) or Next Installer Script or OneSpace Designer Package (CoCreate) or P-CAD Database

filetype|PAX PAX|7220|Project A.R.S.E Brain File

filetype|KO KO|7190|IBM/Tools/Updater File

filetype|WPF WPF|7150|Enable Document or Informs Form or WordPerfect Text File (Corel) or WorldPort Fax

filetype|PPD PPD|7110|PageMaker PostScript Printer Description (Adobe) or PostScript Printer Description

filetype|MPT MPT|7110|Multipage TIFF Bitmap or Project Template File (Microsoft)

filetype|BTR BTR|7060|Btrieve Database File (Pervasive Software Inc.) or Frontpage-related File (Microsoft)

filetype|TSP TSP|7030|Windows Telephony Service Provider

filetype|CP CP|7030|CompuMedic Database or Sound Shared File

filetype|003 003|7030|Driveimage5 Setup File

filetype|INSTALL INSTALL|6990|Likely a Text File

filetype|DDS DDS|6950|Battlefield 1942 Unit/Object Texture File (Electronic Arts) or DirectX (Multiple Versions) DirectDraw Surface (Microsoft) or INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Descriptor or Orbiter Texture File or Photoshop Compressed Textures (Adobe)

filetype|LOCAL LOCAL|6940|Xset Setup Program Bin File

filetype|RTP RTP|6930|Gerber Sign-making Software File or Patch File (Microsoft) or RTPatch Update Package or TurboTax Update File

filetype|STX STX|6900|Datastitch Embroidery Design/Editing/Lettering/Stitch Transfer (Data - Stitch, Inc.) or EditPlus Syntax File or Eschalon Setup Install Script (Eschelon Development (24-2979 Panorama Dr., Coquitlam BC V3E 2W8, Canada)) or SBIG CCD Camera ST-X or Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit or Simply Tax Form or SmarText E-book or SPOT Image Statistics or System/User Topic Set Descriptor BullsEye or Terrasoft SAS Data File

filetype|ORIG ORIG|6900|Gen Original File

filetype|VBS VBS|6890|MPEG Movie Clip or VBScript Script File or Visual Basic for Applications Script

filetype|NIB NIB|6800|Corel Graphics10 Photopoint File or Interface Builder User Interface Resources (Apple Computer, Inc.)

filetype|ARO ARO|6800|SteelArrow Web Application Server Script (Tomahawk Technologies)

filetype|DPR DPR|6790|C++ /Delphi Default Project (Borland) or Dance Paranoia or Desk Project or Wintidy File

filetype|TAG TAG|6750|Dataflex Query Tag Name

filetype|VL VL|6700|Visual Labels File

filetype|WAV WAV|6690|SHARP MZ-series Emulator File or Waveform Audio

filetype|POP POP|6680|dBASE Popup Menu or PopMail Message Index

filetype|DBQ DBQ|6660|AutoCAD DB Query (Autodesk) or Paradox Memo or QuickLink Database

filetype|CSP CSP|6650|Cardinal Studio Project File or CaseWare Working Papers Script Page or Crystal Enterprise Crystal Server Page or Draw Service Bureau Profiler (Corel) or Intersystems Caché Server Page File or PC Emcee On-Screen Image

filetype|SPC SPC|6620|2D Graphic or Atari Compressed Spectrum File Bitmap Graphic or Interact Shark Port Code Save or Multiplan Program or PKCS #7 Certificate or Spectrum 512 Smooshed/Compressed File or Super NES Music/Audio Data or Text to Speech or Thermo Galactic SPC File Format or WordPerfect Temporary File (Corel) or X-12-Arima Input Specification File (U.S. Census Bureau)

filetype|IMP IMP|6610|Babya Installer Archive or Crayola Art Image or DVD File or FileMaker Database Translation Filter or IMP Archive or Lotus Improv Spreadsheet or Pascal Implementation or Urban Chaos Game File or WinIMP Archive (Technelysium Pty Ltd)

filetype|LATEX LATEX|6600|LaTeX Source Document (LaTeX3 Project)

filetype|XSLT XSLT|6590|XSL Transform File

filetype|MSO MSO|6560|FrontPage File (Microsoft) or Math Script Object File or Orgchart File (Microsoft) or Word OLE Web Page Storage Stream (Microsoft)

filetype|MPI MPI|6560|Links98 Golf Game File or MPlayer Control File

filetype|LTX LTX|6490|LaTeX Mathematical Text Document

filetype|CAL CAL|6480|Cakewalk Application Language Script (Cakewalk) or Calendar File or CALS Raster or Creatacard Calendar Project (Broderbund) or CyberAudioLibrary Link or DOS Calendar Creator File or HTML Calendar Maker Pro or PhotoSmart 850 Digital Camera Firmware Update (Hewlett-Packard) or Radiance Function File Format or Schedule Data (Microsoft) or SuperCalc Worksheet

filetype|98 98|6430|DLL Directx Migrate File

filetype|DWX DWX|6400|CADLock Locked AutoCAD Drawing (CADLock, Inc.)

filetype|MX MX|6300|Matlab Common Matrix Routines or Modula-3 Linker Information or MX Designer Remote Control File

filetype|SRC SRC|6290|DataFlex/Multi-Edit souce or Infinity Game Engine Text Storage or ProWORX Nxt Search Data (Schneider Electric) or Sourcecode

filetype|WNT WNT|6280|Man Down Waypoint File or Mumath 30 File

filetype|KSH KSH|6270|Dazzle Dazzle Realization or Prodigy Internet Registration File or UNIX Shell Script

filetype|PAT PAT|6260|Advanced Gravis Ultrasound Patch File or Arcinfo Coverage or ArcView Geocoding Pattern Recognition File (ESRI) or AutoCAD Hatch Pattern (Autodesk) or Corel Vector Pattern or DART Pro 98 Pattern or Fast-Talk Phonetic Audio Track (Fast-Talk Communications, Inc.) or File Investigator Pattern File or Forte Technologies Patch File or GIMP Pattern or Gravis UltraSound Sound Patch or Hatch Patterns Photostyler or MultiMate 3.3 or PaintShop Pro Pattern (Jasc) or Patch File or Polygon Attribute Table or Smash Simulator Test Pattern or Sound or US Patent and Trademark Office Bitmap or Vector Pattern or WarHack Warcraft2 exePatch Utility

filetype|AX AX|6220|DirectShow Filter or Modula-3 Linker Information for Libraries or MPEG-4 DVD Filter

filetype|PML PML|6200|NT4 Performance Monitor Log File or PADGen Program Information or PageMaker Library (Adobe) or Pegasus Mail Distribution List or Windows Performance Monitor File (Microsoft)

filetype|HXX HXX|6190|C++ Header

filetype|W3G W3G|6090|Warcraft III (Blizzard Entertainment)

filetype|TEXINFO TEXINFO|6050|TeX

filetype|IDS IDS|6050|IDA Imported Names Format or Infini-D Scene File or Infinity Game Engine Numbers to Description Map or Minos 3D Data File or WFO-A Data

filetype|PEM PEM|5990|Audio Module or Privacy Enhanced Mail Security Certificate or WordPerfect Program Editor Macro (Corel)

filetype|PR PR|5970|EROSION 3D Precipitation Parameters or Sun Icon/Cursor

filetype|WBS WBS|5960|WebExpress Website File or Webshots Screensaver (Twofold Photos, Inc.) or WinBot IRC Bot Script File (Crypt Software)

filetype|RED RED|5960|Calrion Modula-2 Path Data or Rational Rose Module Diagram or Red Faction Level File (THQ Inc.) or View Redline (Autodesk) or XRK - eXtra Redcode Kit Disassembled RedCode Warrior (Marco Pontello)

filetype|PHX PHX|5950|Phoenix

filetype|MI MI|5940|CoCreate CAD File or Miscellaneous or Winamp3 MAKI Scripting Library

filetype|WIN32 WIN32|5890|VC6 Make File

filetype|INX INX|5890|ACL for Windows Index or Foxpro Foxbase Index or InstallShield Compiled Rules File (InstallShield Software Corporation)

filetype|FAQ FAQ|5890|Frequently Asked Questions

filetype|MCW MCW|5820|MacWrite II Macintosh Text File

filetype|JTP JTP|5810|JetForm File or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Journal (Microsoft)

filetype|DNA DNA|5780|Blue Martini DNA File or Desktop DNA Data Storage File or NewMoon Distributed Network Application Information

filetype|FGD FGD|5730|Digital Raster Graphic Metadata File or Folder Guard Data or Half-life Modification Map Configuration File

filetype|OPS OPS|5710|Office Profile Settings File

filetype|I3 I3|5700|Modula-3 Interface Source

filetype|APP APP|5660|ArcPad Ver. 5 Project or Clarion for Windows Application (SoftVelocity) or dBASE Application Object File or Executable Application or Gupta Team Developer Normal Mode Application File or LICOM AlphaCAM Punch Post or Lotus Symphony Add-in Application or OrbWorks PocketC CE Application or Psion Oval Application or R:Base, Symphony, DR-DOS, FoxPro (or other) Application or SymbianOS Application (Symbian Ltd.) or Video CD on CD-i Application or VTech Helio Application (VTech Holdings Ltd.)

filetype|LML LML|5650|LOGML File

filetype|VC VC|5620|VisiCalc Spreadsheet File or Vivid 2.0 Include File with Color Definitions

filetype|U U|5620|Nitpicker Ipflow File or Subsampled Raw YUV Bitmap or Unreal System File or Unreal Tournament 2003 System File (Epic Games, Inc.)

filetype|TML TML|5620|AIRO Timeline File (Odetics Broadcast) or Padgen File

filetype|AFM AFM|5620|Abassis Finance Manager Data File (SmartMedia Informatica) or HP NewWave Cardfile Application or LICOM AlphaCAM Flame Parameter Macro or LOUT File or Outline Font Metric (Adobe)

filetype|JNL JNL|5560|Ingres Journal File or Journal Macro Data File (Chosen Software) or WinDev Log File

filetype|ICL ICL|5550|Clean File or Icon Library File

filetype|M3 M3|5510|Modula 3 Program File

filetype|VP VP|5500|3D Studio Video Posting (Autodesk) or Conflict: Freespace Archive or Ventura Publisher File

filetype|ASHX ASHX|5500|ASP.NET Web Handler File

filetype|IBS IBS|5450|i2 iBase File

filetype|RPT RPT|5430|Crystal Reports Output File (Report) (Crystal Decisions) or MicroSim PCBoard Reports Reflecting Autorouting Progress and Statistics or Report or Sierra Mastercook Cookbook File or Visual Basic Crystal Reports File (Microsoft)

filetype|PX PX|5410|Paradox Primary Database Index (Corel) or Primary Index

filetype|LWP LWP|5350|IBM Works for OS/2 Document or Wordpro 96/97 Document (Lotus)

filetype|PRE PRE|5340|Freelance Presentation or Insight II Dynamics Scratch File or NeroWave Editor Presets or Programmer's WorkBench Settings or Stork Format CMYK Bitmap

filetype|PLS PLS|5320|DisorderTracker2 Sample or MattBatt iAM-player or MYOB Data File or Napster MPEG PLayList File or Pro/ENGINEER Temporary File (PTC) or Real MP3 Playlist or Shoutcast File or WinAmp MPEG PlayList File

filetype|LY LY|5270|GNU LilyPond

filetype|BG BG|5250|Backgammon for Windows Game File (Microsoft) or Lotus Agenda File

filetype|COMMON COMMON|5240|Matlab Install File (The MathWorks)

filetype|LNK LNK|5210|Advanced Revelation Database File (Revelation Software) or Linker File or Windows Shortcut File

filetype|HTACCESS HTACCESS|5200|Apache Access Configuration

filetype|GTP GTP|5180|Atari Executable or Guitar Pro Tablature or MultiFS Video File

filetype|EPSI EPSI|5170|Encapsulated PostScript Interchange Format (Adobe)

filetype|TP TP|5160|EROSION 3D Relief Parameters or Turbo Pascal Configuration File (Borland) or Turbo Profiler Session-state File (Borland)

filetype|SED SED|5150|Matrix Wheeling Systems System Profile/Parameter Settings (Sedertree (Sedereika)) or Sed/unix Doc File

filetype|96 96|5150|Ventura Publisher 96x96 dpi Display Font

filetype|UCM UCM|5130|Urban Chaos Game File

filetype|PYC PYC|5130|Python Compiler Script

filetype|DTX DTX|5130|DocuTech Print6 Engine File or E-Book File or LaTeX Source and Documentation Archive or LithTech Model Texture File or pfs:Q&A Index

filetype|PRJ PRJ|5110|3D Studio (Autodesk) or ArcView Projections Definition File (ESRI) or AwpHelp Project or HitPlayer Advanced Playlist File or Monarch File or MultiEdit Editor Project (MultiEdit Software) or MyCad IC Layout Architecture or Project File or Visual Basic Project (Microsoft) or Visual Café Project (Symantec)

filetype|VCPROJ VCPROJ|5100|Visual Studio .NET Visual C Project (Microsoft)

filetype|INL INL|5080|Visual C++ Inline Function File (Microsoft)

filetype|GED GED|5070|Arts & Letters Graphics or EnerGraphics File or GEDCOM Family History File or GoldED / DOS Compiled Configuration File or Graphic Environment Document or Micrografx Simply 3D Geometry or Wicat Image

filetype|BC3 BC3|5040|BCC 3 or Fiebdc-3 Format File

filetype|MTW MTW|4970|Minitab Data File or TRADOS MultiTerm Termbase

filetype|PUZ PUZ|4960|Across Lite Crossword Puzzle or BrainsBreaker Puzzle or General Name for a Puzzle File or Packed Publisher File (Microsoft) or Puzzle

filetype|COD COD|4960|Boxer/2 printer Code Definition File or C Compiler Output (Microsoft) or Charset Code File or Code List or Compiler Program Code or dBASE Application Generator Template Source File or dBASE Template Source File or Forecast Plus or FORTRAN Compiled Code or Multiplan Data File (Microsoft) or StatPac Gold Datafile or SWAT Input Control File or UUPC Code Definition Table or Video Text File

filetype|BDF BDF|4950|Backup To CD-RW Backup Definition File or Bupdate Binary Update File or Egret Data File or Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format (Adobe) or NuGraf Scene file or Quartus II Block Design File (Altera Corporation) or RD Birthday Reminder Data File (Christian Weiske) or UNIX Font File or West Point Bridge Designer File or X11 Bitmap Distribution Format

filetype|DSM DSM|4940|Delphi Symbol Module or Developer Studio Macro (Microsoft) or Digital Sound Module Tracker Format or Dynamic Studio Music Module

filetype|XHTM XHTM|4910|Extensible HyperText Markup Language File

filetype|SHX SHX|4900|ArcView DataBase Index or AutoCAD Shape Entities (Autodesk) or GIS Software Geographic Shape Index File

filetype|SPY SPY|4850|Wintech Software Design File

filetype|PBM PBM|4850|UNIX Portable Bitmap Graphic

filetype|SHAR SHAR|4840|UNIX shar Archive File

filetype|ADA ADA|4830|ActiveDocs Answer Set or ADA Program or Advanced Digital Audio Compressed Audio

filetype|GOV GOV|4820|Netmino File

filetype|ERP ERP|4810|British Economics & Social Research Council Electronic Form or NOAA Post-fit GPS Earth Rotation Parameters

filetype|TUB TUB|4800|PaintShop Pro Tube File (Jasc)

filetype|SIT SIT|4790|Sinclair Snapshot or StuffIt Compressed Archive File (Aladdin Systems, Inc.)

filetype|TXX TXX|4780|DataPerfect Text Storage

filetype|VI VI|4720|Jovian Logic VI Graphics or LabView File or Virtual Instrument file from National Instruments LABView product or Watcom VI Editor Script

filetype|LP LP|4710|FlexRip/B or Lightscape Preparation File or LP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC File or NASCAR Racing 2002 Track Configuration Options (Sierra)

filetype|AE AE|4690|SoftQuad Author/Editor File

filetype|NFO NFO|4680|Folio Infobase or JCanyon: Grand Canyon for Java DEM Companion File or System Info File (Microsoft) or Text File or Warez Group Info File

filetype|LC LC|4670|Textbridge Classic Bin File

filetype|SPG SPG|4660|Sprint Glossary

filetype|TPM TPM|4640|TextPad Macro

filetype|SO SO|4600|Fortran 90 Shared Object or Oberlin DRAGN Graph Algorithm or UNIX Shared Library Function

filetype|IC IC|4560|Modula-3 M3CG Intermediate Language File or Spice Initial Condition

filetype|TSV TSV|4540|Tab Separated Values File

filetype|MO MO|4540|Dymola Simulation or Modula-3 Object File

filetype|MFX MFX|4540|mTropolis mPire Interactive Multimedia Title (Quark)

filetype|DIA DIA|4500|Computer Support Corp Diagraph Graphics File or DIA Drawing or Diaporama

filetype|CUE CUE|4430|BPM Studio Cue Points (ALCATech) or Cue Cards Data (Microsoft) or Description File for a CD-Image

filetype|CST CST|4430|Macromedia Director Cast File or Technics Sx KN 6000 Keyboard Custom Style File

filetype|SXW SXW|4370| Text Document ( or Staroffice Writer Document (Sun)

filetype|DOX DOX|4320|MultiMate Document or Text File or Visual Basic User Document Binary Form
File (Microsoft) or Word Text Document (Microsoft)

filetype|DIC DIC|4320|DICOM Digital Imaging and Communations in Medicine Format Bitmap or Dictionary or Microsoft Business Solutions--Great Plains Program Source Code (Microsoft) or Notes - Domino Dictionary (Lotus) or Timeslips Personal Dictionary (Peachtree Software) or WordExpress2.0 Dictionary

filetype|WIN WIN|4280|dBASE or FoxPro/dBASE Window File or Normalised Extinction Corrected Differential Photometry with Tapered Ends or Opera Saved Windows (Opera Software) or Pro/ENGINEER (PTC) or Truevision Targa Bitmap Image or Windows Backup File or Wonderware InTouch Window

filetype|GMP GMP|4280|Geomorph Tile Map or Group Mail List Information File or GTA2 Game File

filetype|CAR CAR|4280|AtHome Assistant or CAR Archive Compressed Archive (MylesHi! Software) or CardMaker Ver. 1.0-2.0 Card File (Avery) or Carrara Environment or Creatacard Quarter-Fold Card Project (Broderbund) or Insight II Cartesian Coordinate File or NASCAR Racing 2002 Car Description File (Sierra) or NeoBook Cartoon or PSA Cards Address Book (PSA Software) or Viper Racing Car Description File

filetype|PROFILE PROFILE|4270|FastTrack Client Profile or UNIX Bourne or Kom Shell Environment File

filetype|BRF BRF|4230|Braille ASCII File or Brief

filetype|CNT CNT|4190|Help File Contents or Rational Rose 98 Contents Tab File

filetype|IND IND|4180|dBASE IV or LaTeX or TeX Makeindx Index or Well of Souls Game File or Windows/Applog Index or Windows Shared Database File

filetype|S2P S2P|4170|Sonnet File

filetype|JBF JBF|4150|Paint Shop Pro Browser File

filetype|M2 M2|4140|Modula 2 Language Source

filetype|REC REC|4120|ARCSERVE Archivation Protocol or EpiInfo Data or ProMash Recipe (Sausalito Brewing Co.) or RapidComm Voice File or Sprint Record File or Windows Recorder Macro

filetype|LIB LIB|4120|AS/400 Physical File Library (IBM) or Greeting Card Library or Library Used by an Application or Program Library or Scholar's Aid Library File

filetype|IRD IRD|4050|IRD Append File or Money Temporary File (Microsoft)

filetype|FLT FLT|4010|Aldus Import Filter or Animator Animation (Autodesk) or Asymetrix Graphics Filter Support or CoolEdit Pro Filter or Corel Graphic Filter or FileMaker Filter or Filter or FLIC Animation or Graphics Filter (Microsoft) or Illustrator (Adobe) or Lotus 1-2-3 LogAnalyzer Filter File or Micrografx Picture Publisher Filter or MulitGen Open Flight File or OS/2 Warp Filter Device Driver or StarTrekker Music Module or WinFlash Educator Flashcard Compiled Test File (Open Window Software) or Word Import Filter (Microsoft)

filetype|ME ME|4000|Formatted Manual Page with ME Macros or Information or MultiEdit Configuration

filetype|Z5 Z5|3990|Inform Game File